10 SCALING NETWORKS – Working the Crowd


Taking advantage of the opportunity to join in the great conversation isn’t without its problems. If there are restrictions on your budget, headcount and time then it may be difficult for you to find the relevant people to help you extend your network. In this chapter we’ll talk about engaging the right types of people to help you propagate your message, the sorts of rewards that motivate these people and how you can get them to become your advocates. We’ll have a look at the different behaviours of different age groups on social networking sites and how they engage with their peers. We’ll see how different ways of sharing data have evolved and the potential for community and enterprise mashups to be put to good use for both community and businesses. We’ll also have a look at the differences of behaviour inside the firewalls.

Inside companies, reticence in adopting the new way of communicating has resulted in huge amounts of data storage and ineffective collaboration, information islands and siloed data repositories.

We’ll also look at opportunities to change this approach from the ground up and we will look at ways to change the way of working from the traditional ’top down’ hierarchical approach. Finally, we’ll look at how these tools have encouraged companies to use social media as a customer connections tool to gather market intelligence about their products. We’ll explore how they can quickly respond to customers with problems and build effective relationships that validate the investment in their digital engagement activities. These activities will enable them to scale to a much greater level than their traditional customer service approaches currently do.