No, this is not the start of a soppy story about me. This chapter focuses on how to turn your casual friends into long lasting enthusiasts and advocates for your brand. We start off with a closer look at one of the most popular social networking tools for news propagation and general interaction—Twitter. We look at how Twitter has evolved and been changed by the actions of the its users, and how Twitter itself is changing how the media operates. We—ll talk about how to recognise your advocates and consider the advantages of creating brand personalities who can carry the conversation on your behalf if you give them the correct information.

Next we’ll have a look at how this new way of connecting to your customers has changed the way companies market their products by introducing a dynamic engagement model to their traditional marketing approach. Getting the correct strategy in place is very important as the two mechanisms complement each other and both need to work together in order to ensure success. We’ll have a look at the sort of metrics you can consider when trying to measure your ROI and consider how to effectively capture the new two-way conversation with customers. Finally, we’ll look at how to cope with the huge amounts of information coming at you, and consider ways of managing the information and using it to your advantage.