2 Adjustments & Color – Adobe Photoshop

2 Adjustments & Color

Even the best photos need at least a tweak. Many need much more.

To acquaint you with Photoshop’s adjustment tools, this chapter has several parts:

How Color Works covers color theory and practice as it applies to Photoshop. It may be a bit technical, but it does answer the question about why prints may not match what you see on screen.

Then we discuss Sampling and Monitoring Image Colors, how to choose or assign a color for painting and other tasks.

In Adjustment Methods and Principles, we’ll discuss the three major approaches to adjustments. Because we’re all fallible and because many adjustments are interpretive, I’ll emphasize the nondestructive methods. These allow you to revisit and readjust later.

Finally, I’ll present the The Adjustments, Listed, so you can decide which you need for a given circumstance. Photoshop offers many!