3. Applying Art-Based Self-Study Techniques within Qualitative Research Teaching (4/4) – Best Practices for Education Professionals

42 Best Practices for Education Professionals
tool for university instructors to draw upon in order to help students understand and
articulate tacit aspects of researcher values needed to develop strong researcher identi-
ties. Second, it illustrated how arts-based research methods can be successfully inte-
grated into undergraduate qualitative research teaching. Perhaps in future, arts-based
reective practices can not only be used in the research setting, but also as a technique
to help education professionals develop an understanding of themselves as practitio-
ners and inuences in the lives of their students. Although the chapter ndings were
promising, more work in this area is needed to fully gauge the potential of arts-based
research methods to contribute to university teaching and learning.
Contextualizing strategy
Mode of pedagogy
Research strategies and techniques
Researcher attributes
Researchers as instruments