47 COMPOSITIONALLY PRESERVED FOODS – Food and Drink – Good Manufacturing Practice, 7th Edition



Some foods, such as jams and pickled products, depend for their preservation and/or specific properties and maintenance of their quality during their expected life on achieving a particular quantitative composition (e.g. the attainment of requisite – and, in the UK and the other European Union (EU) Member States, also legally required – refractometric solids in jams with no added preservative, or of a preservation index of 3.6% acetic acid in the volatile constituents in non‐pasteurised pickles and sauces).

47.1 In products where a quantitative compositional factor is critical, the training of production supervisors, operators and quality control staff should emphasise the critical nature of such compositional factors. Production methods and control procedures should be such as to ensure that the required composition is consistently achieved. Any production batch that is found to be non‐conforming should be quarantined and dealt with in accordance with the procedures outlined in Chapters 28 and 29.

47.2 Where appropriate, relevant on‐pack instructions for use should include instructions for storage.