5. Enterprise decision management – Open Source SOA

Part 5. Enterprise decision management

Regardless of what enterprise you are in, there are undoubtedly a multitude of business rules that influence all aspects of your organization. Traditionally, these rules are often hard-coded within the context of a given business application, or more loosely understood within the minds of subject matter experts. Thus, when either the application or individual possessing such knowledge retires or moves on, the organization is left scrambling to fill in the gaps. Enterprise decision management aims to avoid such perils by treating business rules as true corporate assets, where they're managed independently of applications or individuals. While this has long been a goal for many organizations, SOA is the catalyst that makes it possible. Why? Because it's now possible to create stand-alone decisions services that can be easily integrated into applications or processes. Rules can be centrally managed through a business rule management system, and then exposed through standard protocols such as SOAP, JMS, JSON, and so forth. This final part of the book will explain how to use JBoss Rules, most commonly referred to as Drools, for managing, integrating, and executing business rules. As you'll discover, implementing a business rules approach can profoundly impact your organization's agility and competiveness.