56: Set Manageable Milestones – 101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!


Set Manageable Milestones

It's helpful to create milestones to give yourself an ongoing sense of accomplishment. Trying to complete a huge project may feel like climbing a gigantic mountain. It can be intimidating. To reduce your stress, picture each phase of the project as a small hill to get over.

For example, my publisher and editor needed this entire book completed by a certain date. Writing a book is a big job. But I broke it down to one chapter at a time, which made it more manageable for me. I “budgeted” my time every day to meet the deadlines we'd set. And with each chapter I completed, I felt more confident that the job would be done according to my client's needs and within the timeframe on which we had all agreed.