70: Present – 101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!



Associations in every field hold conferences and conventions. And at every conference and convention, there are presentations and panels. And the people who book those presentations and panels need speakers. Preferably, those speakers are experts, but if not, then they're people who at least work in the field, know something about it, and might be entertaining—or at least lively—so the audience won't get bored. If you've followed my advice, you're a member of the associations in your field that produce these events. So volunteer with those associations to serve as a presenter or panelist for its next conference or convention.

If you're not quite an expert (yet), begin by offering to moderate a panel. Convince them that you can ask good questions and keep things upbeat and interesting. Being a moderator is a good place to start building your brand among your colleagues. The networking opportunities are outstanding. The fact that you're the moderator signals to panelists (some of whom will actually be respected experts in your field) that you're a colleague worthy of their time and respect. Eventually, you'll build up enough credibility to be a panelist, and later you'll be invited to be a presenter.