A. Font Specs – Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X, Tiger Edition

Appendix A. Font Specs

Table 7. Font Specs


Name or Extension


Finder Kind

Font Book Kind


Supported in Mac OS X

Bitmapped suitcase

.bmap or .scr (optional)

Original Mac screen font; companion to PostScript Type 1

Font Suitcase

(Companion file shows as PostScript Type 1)

Supported only as PostScript Type 1 companion font

PostScript printer font (Type 1)

5-letter family name plus 3 letters for each style

Outline font; needs bitmap FFIL companion

PostScript Type 1 outline font

PostScript Type 1

Needs companion bitmap file

TrueType (Mac)

Font family name

Single or multiple TrueType fonts in a suitcase file

Font Suitcase



TrueType (Windows)

Font family name

.ttf or .ttc extension


Windows TrueType font



Multiple Master instance

Same as PostScript printer font and suitcase, plus “MM”

A special PostScript Type 1 font, editable in previous systems

PostScript Type 1 outline font

PostScript Type 1

Basically a Type 1 font; its companion suitcase file also has MM in its name


Font family name

.otf extension

Outline fonts for screen and printers; cross-platform; Unicode

OpenType font

OpenType PostScript

Replacing PostScript Type 1 fonts



Mac-only format

Datafork TrueType font


No separate resource fork, all info in data fork

Not supported in Mac OS X

Non-suitcased TrueType or bitmapped

Family or face; bitmapped often includes point size

TrueType or bitmapped font left from previous OS

Font. mdimporter


Use it in a pinch, but suitcase it as soon as possible