About ROI Institute – ROI Basics, 2nd Edition

About ROI Institute

ROI Institute Inc. is the leading resource on research, training, and networking for practitioners of the ROI Methodology. Founders and owners Patti P. Phillips, PhD, and Jack J. Phillips, PhD, are the leading experts in the application of ROI to learning, HR, and performance improvement programs.

Founded in 1993, ROI Institute is a service-driven organization assisting professionals in improving their programs and processes through the use of the ROI Methodology. This methodology is a critical tool for measuring and evaluating programs with more than 26 different applications in more than 70 countries.

ROI Institute offers a variety of consulting services, learning opportunities, and publications. In addition, it conducts research activities for organizations internally, as well as for other enterprises, public sector entities, industries, and interest groups, globally. ROI Institute is the only organization offering ROI Certification to build expertise in implementing ROI evaluation and sustaining the measurement and evaluation process in your organization.

For more information on certification, workshops, consulting and research, visit www.roiinstitute.net, email info@roiinstitute.net, or call 205.678.8101.