About the Author – A DIY Smart Home Guide: Tools for Automating Your Home Monitoring and Security Using Arduino, ESP8266, and Android

About the Author

Robert Chin has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering and is experienced in developing projects on the ESP8266, TI CC3200 SimpleLink, Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and PC Windows platforms using C/C++, Java, Python, Unreal Script, DirectX, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES 2.0. He is the author of Arduino and Raspberry Pi Sensor Projects for the Evil Genius published by McGraw-Hill. He is also the author of Beginning Android 3D Game Development and Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development, both published by Apress and distributed by Springer Nature. Beginning Android 3D Game Development was licensed to Tsinghua University through Tsinghua University Press. He was the technical reviewer for UDK Game Development, published by Course Technology Cengage Learning. His home security related books include Home Security System DIY PRO Using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink, Home Security Systems DIY Using Android and Arduino, and Beginning Arduino ov7670 Camera Development.