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About the author

Bingxin Wu, born in 1938 in Rongcheng Shandong Province, is the Board Chairman of the Sanzhu Group Company, honorary professor of Beijing Genetic Engineering Research Institute and Beijing Nuozhou Institute of Biology, and director of Shizhen Institute of Biology. He is also an honorable professor at Shandong University, contract researcher for Shandong Academy of Social Sciences and the Oriental Institute, and guest professor at the Institute of Microecology of Dalian Medical University. He is an executive member of China Association of Industry and Commerce, vice president of Shandong Jinan Municipal Association of Industry and Commerce, director of Shandong Private Entrepreneurs Union, vice president of the Association of Chinese Professionals, and the deputy director of Chinese Private Scientific and Technological Association and the National Private Technology Entrepreneur Association, as well as the standing director of China Chinese Medicine Institute. He was given an award as ‘China’s meritorious figure in developing mart economy’ by the China Seminar of Mart Economy and China Mart Economy newspaper and won the Global Diamond Award of the American Association of Sciences for outstanding service. He has invented nine personal patents, including an international one, and has published Collected Works of Wu Bingxin and Passionate Poems of Wu Bingxin, and more than 20 papers on management at home and abroad.

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