ABOUT THE AUTHOR – IT Induction and Information Security Awareness


Valerie Maddock has over 35 years’ experience in IT which started at Leeds University where she was involved in cosmic ray research analysis. Since 1975 she has been engaged in a range of information management, teaching and support roles in the public sector.

Valerie graduated from the Open University with a Computer Science degree and has since gained a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, a Diploma in eLearning Management, various Microsoft® accreditations and a Masters in Education (eLearning). She is also a Member of the British Computer Society, a Certified IT Professional and a Member of the Institute of IT Training.

She joined the IT department of The Salvation Army UK2 in 1996 where she established an IT Learning and User Support unit to serve the organisation’s growing user base, and continues in this role today. Valerie introduced IT Induction into the organisation at an early stage in her role, and her continued passion to develop flexible and innovative learning opportunities for the staff she serves has led her to develop an online IT Induction programme that best fits the changing needs of this Christian charity. As a consequence of this work, Valerie was an Individual Excellence Finalist in the BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards 2009 for the category IT Service and Support Professional of the Year.

2 The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity working in 118 countries worldwide.