About the Author – Nano- and Microtechnology from A – Z: From Nanosystems to Colloids and Interfaces

About the Author

Laurier L. Schramm has over 30 years of R&D experience spanning all four sectors: industry, not-for-profit, government, and academia. He is currently President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Research Council, and has previously served as Vice-President with the Alberta Research Council, and President and CEO of the Petroleum Recovery Institute. For much of this time he served in parallel as Adjunct Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, and before that Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, both with the University of Calgary. His research interests include applied colloid-, interface-, and nanoscience. His management interests include applied research, technology development and deployment, and innovation.

Dr. Schramm holds 17 patents and has published 10 other books, and over 400 other scientific publications or proprietary reports. Many of his inventions have been adopted into commercial practice. He was awarded one of the first NSERC-Conference Board Synergy Awards for Best Practices in University-Industry R & D Partnership, and his work on the development of oil-tolerant foams for enhanced oil recovery was judged to be a Milestone of Canadian Chemistry in the twentieth Century by the Canadian Society for Chemistry. He has received other national awards for his work and is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada and an honorary member of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Among other community service contributions he has served for nearly two decades on numerous committees and panels of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, has been a member of several national or international expert advisory panels, and has served on the Boards of Directors or executive/management committees of numerous other organizations. He is also a cofounder of Innoventures Canada Inc. and a cofounder of Canada's Innovation School.