About the Author – Optimizing the Supply Chain

About the Author

Jay E. Fortenberry is a cash-to-cash cycle expert, teacher, mentor, and author with an extensive career as an internationally recognized supply chain leader. He teaches courses in supply chain management and operations and logistics management at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He currently runs a consultancy and has recently authored a book and white paper on managing supply chains based on his decades-long career with companies including Honeywell, Toyota, and John Deere. He has been responsible for the design and operation of global networks serving 86 distribution facilities and 164 countries, reducing inventory by hundreds of millions of dollars using cash conversion metrics. He has also identified millions more in logistics productivity. His portfolio encompasses global supply chain management, recruiting, human resource management, SIOP, logistics operations, sourcing, trade compliance, and acquisition integration. He is an avid photographer and enjoys travel both in the United States and abroad. So far he has visited 49 states and 42 countries.