About the Author – Ruthless Consistency: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organizations That Win





MICHAEL CANIC, PHD, is the president of Making Strategy Happen, a consulting firm that helps committed leaders of mid-market companies turn ambition into strategy, and strategy into reality. Previously, he managed the consulting division at The Atlanta Consulting Group. He also held a leadership role at FedEx, where his district became the most recognized in the Americas for service quality.

A compelling speaker, he has delivered more than 600 presentations to audiences on four continents, many through Vistage Worldwide which, with over 24,000 members in 20+ countries, is the world’s largest organization of CEOs and business leaders.

Michael is a former national championship-winning college football coach. He is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches global initiative.

An adventure traveler, he and wife, Bernadine, have been to more than 40 countries. He has summited numerous peaks in the Andes, journeyed by camel in the Sahara, trekked the mountains of Northern Pakistan, and swum with piranha in the Amazon.

For more information, please visit MichaelCanic.com.