About the author – Web 2.0 Knowledge Technologies and the Enterprise

About the author

Paul Jackson is an information and knowledge management specialist who has been a systems developer, product development manager, strategic consultant and academic during an international career spanning 25 years. Paul has spent his working life in Germany and Australia, working for PSI AG and IBM, and as an independent consultant. He is now a Research Scholar at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. He has been a consultant to many commercial and government organisations and managed multi-million dollar information systems projects. He has a PhD in information systems development and has published widely on organisational information and knowledge management in highly ranked journals, books and conferences.

Using theories of knowledge from his studies in philosophy, group psychology and the sociology of knowledge, in this book he builds on his practical experience to articulate alternative approaches to making a success of Web 2.0 knowledge tools in business and government organisations. While Web 2.0 strategists focus upon the exciting potential outcomes and technologists describe the necessary skills and functions, this book emphasises the need for knowledge workers and managers to conceptualise Web 2.0 as supplying an empty field upon which they inscribe specific kinds of spaces. Each space implies a context, or frame, for enacting flows of particular types of information, constrained by the emergence of appropriate institutions and rules which match the nature of the space. It is hoped that this notion will provide a basis for knowledge workers to autonomously develop and maintain their Web 2.0 applications and satisfy the needs of management for discipline and relevance.

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