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About the Authors

CHRIS MATTMANN has a wealth of experience in software design and in the construction of large-scale data-intensive systems. His work has infected a broad set of communities, ranging from helping NASA unlock data from its next generation of Earth science system satellites, to assisting graduate students at the University of Southern California (his alma mater) in the study of software architecture, all the way to helping industry and open source as a member of the Apache Software Foundation. When he’s not busy being busy, he’s spending time with his lovely wife and son braving the mean streets of Southern California.

JUKKA ZITTING is a core Tika developer with more than a decade of experience with open source content management. Jukka works as a senior developer for Adobe Systems in Basel, Switzerland. His work involves building systems for managing ever-larger and more-complex volumes of digital content. Much of this work is contributed as open source to the Apache Software Foundation.