About the contributing authors – Computer-Aided Applications in Pharmaceutical Technology

About the contributing authors

The authors contributing to the book entitled Computer-aided applications in pharmaceutical technology, Svetlana Ibric, Jelena Parojcic, Zorica Djuric, Marija Primorac, Dragana Vasiljevic, Ljiljana Djekic, Sandra Grbic, and Ivana Masic, are all working at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. They specialize in diverse research areas, and are currently working on the national project Advanced technologies for controlled release from solid drug delivery systems. They have published many publications in peer-r eviewed journals and presented their findings at (inter)national conferences. They are members of professional organizations, peer-reviewers for scientific journals, and collaborators in (inter)national scientific projects. Their active promotion of science includes organization of meetings and dissemination in many foreign research institutes.