About This Ebook – Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X, Tiger Edition

Appendix . About This Ebook

In contrast to traditional print books, Take Control ebooks offer clickable links, full-text searching, and free minor updates. We hope you find them both useful and enjoyable to read.

About the Author

When Sharon Zardetto Aker wrote her first computer book, her sons were not even in preschool; now they’re both out of college. She has a long Mac history, starting with a 1984 Mac (128K of memory, 400K floppy disks), and articles in the earliest issues of Macworld and the premiere issue (and every one thereafter, for many years) of MacUser. Her nearly a thousand magazine articles over the years include a regular MacUser column on portable computing. Her 20 or so books include many editions of The Macintosh Bible, as well as The Mac Almanac—whose especial claim to fame is having been part of an answer on the Jeopardy board—on TV, not the play-at-home version. (The correct question was: “What is a computer?” Really!)

After an almost 5-year hiatus from writing, during which she designed and programmed databases, and created online educational material for pharmaceutical firms, she decided to dive back in with Take Control ebooks. You can send her email about this title at ; she can’t promise a response to every email, but does promise to read every one.

On the personal side of things, Sharon notes that she met her husband in an Apple Computer store. (Double-sided floppies had also just been introduced.)

Author’s Acknowledgements

First, I’d like to blame—no, no, I mean thank—Tonya and Adam Engst, who convinced me to write a book about fonts when what I really wanted to do was write about FileMaker.

Thanks to all the Control Freaks for their time and efforts, with extra to Joe Kissell and especially to Tom Gewecke for his above-and-beyond correspondence; Andy Baird for the flowchart graphic; Lea Galanter for her professional nitpickiness; and, as usual and always, Rich.

About the Publisher

TidBITS Electronic Publishing has been publishing online since 1990 when publishers Adam and Tonya Engst first created their online newsletter, TidBITS, about Macintosh- and Internet-related topics. TidBITS has been in continuous, weekly production since then. Adam and Tonya are known in the Macintosh world as writers, editors, and speakers. They are also parents to Tristan, who thinks ebooks about trains, clipper ships, and castles would be cool.

At the TidBITS Web site you can subscribe to TidBITS for free, join in TidBITS Talk discussions, or search 15 years of news, reviews, and editorial analysis (http://www.tidbits.com/).

Production Credits

Thanks to Chris and Elaine, and to Jane Bruce-Robertson, for helping with childcare.