About This Ebook – Take Control of iWeb: iLife ’06 Edition

Appendix . About This Ebook

In contrast to traditional print books, Take Control ebooks offer clickable links, full-text searching, and free minor updates. We hope you find them both useful and enjoyable to read.

About the Author

Steve Sande believes that changing careers every 10 to 15 years is a good thing. After gathering his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and MBA from the University of Colorado, he worked as an engineer for a utility company until he fell in love with the Macintosh in late 1984. He started a new life as an IT manager and unofficial Macintosh evangelist that tragically ended when his department was outsourced to IBM in 1995. Ten years of stress in PC support and project management ensued...

In late 2004, Steve embarked on a new career as a Mac consultant and founded Raven Solutions, LLC. When he’s not haunting the local Apple Stores, working with clients, recording podcasts, or writing ebooks, he loves to cook, go geocaching, ride his recumbent bicycle, collect art, update his Web sites, and attend classical music concerts (despite the picture, Steve doesn’t like most country music). He’s also an instructor for The Center for Requirements Excellence, roaming the United States facilitating a course in Developing and Confirming Effective Business Requirements (http://www.tcfre.com/).

Steve lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, in the house he fondly refers to as “The Gizmo Ranch” with Barb—his wife of 27 years who is a rocket scientist—and his tortoiseshell cat, Ruby.

Author’s Acknowledgements

I’d like to thank five people for their support during the creation of this ebook:

  • Barb Sande, my wonderful wife, for putting up with me typing away on my computer at all hours of the day and night instead of working on home renovations like I should be.

  • Tonya Engst, for being such an unbelievably patient, hard working, and understanding editor. Even with the short schedule we had, Tonya made it a joy to write this ebook and may have finally pounded some writing sense into my thick skull.

  • Tom Gewecke, the true iWeb guru. Tom is the heart of Apple’s iWeb forum and has helped countless iWeb users through his thoughtful and accurate forum posts. He provided helpful feedback on early drafts of the ebook.

  • Joe Kissell, Take Control author extraordinaire, for his constant willingness to give me feedback and ideas while the ebook was in QuickTopic.

  • Chad Brantly, the developer who wrote iWeb Comments and iWeb Enhancer, for providing me with copies of his software for testing purposes. With iWeb Comments, he’s made iWeb a powerful blogging tool. iWeb Enhancer has removed the limitation of not being able to embed HTML code in iWeb pages.

  • Glenn Fleishman, for his deep understanding of the Web-hosting world and for helping make Appendix A much more clear and concise.

Shameless Plugs

If you enjoyed Take Control of iWeb: iLife ’06 Edition, be sure to read my first ebook—Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music. It’s about the many things you can do with an iPod in addition to listening to music and watching videos. http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/ipod-btm.html

Writing this ebook also got me thinking about hosting iWeb sites and the commercial limitations of .Mac, so my company is currently developing a new service called izyz.com. Although we’re not open for business as this ebook goes to press, you can get more information about the service by visiting our site—created with iWeb, of course! http://www.izyz.com/

About the Publisher

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