Acknowledgements – Agile: An Executive Guide – Real results from IT budgets


My continued thanks to the pioneers and thought leaders of the Agile world, most notably Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Alistair Cockburn, Jeff Sutherland, Mike Cohn, Ken Schwaber and Jim Highsmith, for their passionate work in developing and refining Agile methodologies over the past two decades.

Thanks also to the small and large organisations worldwide that have allowed their experiences in using Agile to be shared with others, including Nokia Siemens Networks, Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and BT.

Special thanks to Neil Salkind of the Salkind Literary Agency, Angela Wilde of IT Governance Publishing, and Liz Gill at LCI Proofreading & Editing Services for their ongoing support and sage advice.

The two reviewers of this book, Chris Evans, ICT Compliance Manager, London Fire Brigade and ir. H.L. (Maarten) Souw RE, IT-Auditor, UWV, also deserve a special mention for their helpful advice.

Many thanks, as well, to the people who taught me the most about the strategies of the business world over the past 20 years, especially Roland Scornavacca, Tony Robey and Peter Walsh; to Rowan Bunning for being an unending source of Agile knowledge; to Jonathan Gray for his industry insights; and to the writers and teachers who inspired me, particularly Richard Leonard1 for his amazing ability to encourage writers with his humour and enthusiasm.

Finally, my eternal gratitude to my parents, my US family, my Australian family, and my friends, most especially Michele, Susan, Elissa, Janice and Linda, for continuing to be my sanity check in this world. Most of all, thank you to my husband, David, for 19 years of love and laughter.

1 Richard Leonard’s website: