Acknowledgements – Business Communication, 2nd Edition


We express our sincere gratitude to our students, colleagues, and the executive participants of numerous management development programmes, who have helped us clarify our concepts of business communication. We are also thankful to the distinguished scholars and authors whose works we have used over the years in our teaching, research, and training. Their works have become an unconscious part of the ideas and thoughts discussed in this book. We appreciate the assistance of those, without whose help, this book could never have seen the light of day—Manisha Chaturvedi and the editorial team at Pearson—Shabnam Dohutia, Malini Kochhar, Sukanya Chakrabarti, Praveen Tiwari, and Abhinav Chaturvedi.

We thank our prospective readers in advance, for they would be a source of improvement and further development of this book.

Finally, we would fail in our duty if we did not acknowledge the most loving care and support enjoyed by us, all through the work on this book, from our dear family—Roli Chaturvedi, Akbar, Ritushree, and Milky.


P. D. Chaturvedi
Mukesh Chaturvedi