Acknowledgements – Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


I am greatly indebted to all original thinkers and contributors to the subject. In all humility, I acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of the writers, commentators and committees who elucidated the theoretical and practical aspects of business ethics and corporate governance, which enabled me to borrow from these writings. I have acknowledged, wherever required, their contributions under notes and references. However, if there are errors or discrepancies in the book, I have no hesitation to accept them as mine and mine alone.

I gratefully acknowledge the help rendered by the following people in the preparation of this book: Rev. Fr. N. Casimir Raj, S. J., Ph.D., Director, XLRI, Jamshedpur, who provided me an opportunity to handle the course on the subject when he was the director at LIBA and obliged me most willingly by writing the foreword to the book; Rev. Fr. P. Christie, S. J., Ph.D., Director, LIBA, who was most pleased to offer me all facilities to complete my work; M. U. Alagusundaram, who assisted me obligingly in getting my script typed time and again; my students for their help in various ways; Rev. Fr. James Antony for his inputs for Chapter One (‘Business Ethics’); Pradha Narasimhan, who sourced for me all relevant materials on the subject; Prashant Menezes, Sharon Jose, Yashwanti, Edward Paul, Lissle Simcock and Michael, all of whom helped me in numerous ways; and our librarian, Surya, who went out of her way to get me the books I wanted—which were too many—at the quickest possible time.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Pearson Education; A. Maran, who provided the necessary inputs to make appropriate additions to the book for its second edition; and to Raza Khan, but for whose constant support and encouragement this book would not have seen the light of day. Last, but not the least, I owe it to my wife, Jossie C. Fernando, who had to lead a lonely life for almost two years as I was immersed during all my waking hours in writing, proofreading, editing and reshuffling the chapters of the book.


A. C. Fernando