Acknowledgements – Financing Urban Shelter


Preparation of the Global Report series would not be possible without the dedicated assistance of eminent urban researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, whose knowledge and expertise have always been helpful in the production of this series. The current volume, departing from the findings and recommendations of the 2003 Global Report, deals with issues of the financing of urban shelter development. With the selection of this topic, the Global Report series reflects UN-Habitat's strong commitment to the goals of sustainable human settlements development, as outlined in the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21. The Report is also guided by further decisions adopted by the Governing Council of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Millennium Development Goals and the tasks ahead determine the overall motif and tone of this issue of the Global Report.

Financing Urban Shelter: Global Report on Human Settlements 2005 was prepared under the general guidance of Donatus Okpala, Acting Director of the Monitoring and Research Division. Naison Mutizwa-Mangiza, Chief of the Policy Analysis, Synthesis and Dialogue Branch, supervised the preparation and editing of the report, with Iouri Moisseev managing its preparation.

Members of the UN-Habitat Senior Management Board provided strategic advice in the areas of their respective responsibility at different stages in the preparation of the report. These included: Alioune Badiane, Nefise Bazoglu, Daniel Biau, Axumite Gebre-Egziabher, Jorge Gavidia, Lucia Kiwala, Madhab Mathema, Joseph Mungai, Jane Nyakairu, Lars Reutersward, Sharad Shankardass, Anathakrishnan Subramonia, Paul Taylor, Farouk Tebbal and Rolf Wichmann.

The Report benefited from a number of international meetings. Firstly, it should be mentioned that, during 2004, the Global Research Network on Human Settlements (HS-Net) was established to provide guidance in the preparation of the Global Report series. HS-Net focuses on sharing policy-orientated research results and its meetings are organized by UN-Habitat's Policy Analysis, Synthesis and Dialogue Branch. At its meeting in November 2004, HS-Net reviewed and discussed the outline and contents of the 2005 Global Report. The meeting was attended by the following experts: Marisa Carmona, Department of Urban Renewal and Management, Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Suocheng Dong, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Alain Durand-Lasserve, Sociétés en Développement dans l'Espace et dans le Temps, Universite Denis Diderot, France; Jozsef Hegedüs, Metropolitan Research Institute, Varoskutatas Kft, Hungary; Paola Jiron, Housing Institute, University of Chile, Chile; Vinay Lall, Society for Development Studies, Indian Habitat Centre, India; Om Prakash Mathur, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (IDFC), India; Diana Mitlin, Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM), University of Manchester, UK; Winnie Mitullah, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, Kenya; James G. Mutero, Human Settelements Consultant, Kenya; Peter Ngau, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Nairobi, Kenya; Tumsifu Jonas Nnkya, Institute of Housing Studies and Building Research, University College of Lands and Architectural Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Gustavo Riofrio, Centro de Estudios y Promoción del Desarrollo (DESCO), Peru; Nelson Saule, Instituto de Estudios Formacao e Assessoria em Politicas Sociais (POLIS), Brazil; Mona Serageldin, Centre for Urban Development Studies, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; Dina K. Shehayeb, Housing and Building Research Centre, Egypt; Richard Stren, Centre of Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, Canada; Riad Tabbarah, Centre for Development Studies and Projects, Lebanon; A. Graham Tipple, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Luidmila Tkachenko, Institute of Moscow City Master Plan, Russian Federation; Jose Luis Lezama de la Torre, Center for Demographic, Urban and Environmental Studies, Mexico; Vladimer Vardosanidze, Institute of Architecture, Georgia; Patrick Wakely, University College of London, Development Planning Unit, UK; Mutapha Zubairu, Centre for Human Settlements and Urban Development, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria.

The outcomes of the expert group meetings organized by UN-Habitat's Urban Economy and Finance Branch provided valuable ideas towards the conceptualization and preparation of the report. The expert group meetings were concerned with assessing the impacts of macroeconomic factors on urban growth as well as the role of microfinance in human settlements development. Some insights were also provided by the meeting of the International Union of Economists that took place in Nairobi in February 2005. The theme of the meeting was financing shelter and urban development. In particular, a major background paper prepared by V. Ivanter, O. Ptchelintsev, N. Nozdrina, M. Minchenko and E. Shcherbakova was very helpful.

Background papers and drafts of sections of the report were prepared by a number of expert urban researchers and scholars, including: Gabriella Carolini, Columbia University, US; Michael Cohen, New School University, New York, US; Pietro Garau, University of Rome, Italy; David Jones, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; Diana Mitlin, IDPM, University of Manchester, UK; Elliott Sclar, Columbia University, US; Mona Serageldin, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; Elda Solloso, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; Graham Tipple, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; and François Vigier, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US. Research assistance for preparation of background papers and data analysis was provided by Shannon Bassett, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; Deanna Fowler, New School University, New York, US; Balakrishna Menon, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US; and Luis Valenzuela, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, US.

The following staff members of UN-Habitat were involved in the preparation of the Statistical Annex: Iouri Moisseev, Guenter Karl, Gora Mboup and Markandey Rai. Eduardo Moreno and the staff of the Global Urban Observatory Section assisted with data analysis and checking. Philomena Fernandes assisted in data processing and preparation of the camera-ready copy of the Annex, while Phillip Mukungu provided technical assistance in data checking. Several professionals of UN-Habitat made other valued contributions. In particular, the following staff kindly gave their time amidst competing demands: Clarissa Augustinus, Selman Erguden, Yejin Ha, Inge Jensen, Uwe Lohse, Tatiana Roskoshnaya, Ananda Weliwita and Christopher Williams.

In addition, many other people, whose names are not listed here, were helpful in reviewing and commenting on drafts, making valuable contributions to the report, compiling data, preparing graphs, contributing information and in a variety of other ways. The report also benefited from consultations with colleagues in many international organizations. Finalization of the Report, its structural organization and substantive editing was carried out by Iouri Moisseev and Naison Mutizwa-Mangiza, under the overall direction of Donatus Okpala and with editorial support from Pamela Murage.

Karina Rossi and Antoine King, of UN-Habitat, as well as Josie Villamin, of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), provided administrative support during the preparation of the report. Design support was provided by Pouran Ghaffaroup and Jinita Shah. Secretarial and general administrative support was provided by Mary Kariuki, Mary Dibo, Josephine Gichuhi, Ramadhan M. Indiya, Pamela Murage, Stella Otieno and Florence Bunei of UN-Habitat.

Special thanks are due to the Governments of Germany, Italy and The Netherlands for their earmarked contributions to the United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation in support of research inputs to the Global Report series. Special thanks are also due to the staff at James & James/Earthscan, in particular Jonathan Sinclair Wilson, Publishing Director; Victoria Brown, Editor; Hamish Ironside, Production Editor; and Andrea Service, who copy-edited the report.