Acknowledgements – Managing Intellectual Capital in Libraries


The research on library intellectual capital, as on any other field, should be developed, established, and finally made public after engaging in an active dialog with colleagues, researchers, and students. Apart from colleagues in Greece from the Ionian University, the University of Athens, the University of Piraeus, and the Hellenic Open University, who have shared with me certain issues for intellectual capital management at times, my students have heavily contributed to the promotion of the main research idea of this book and I would like to thank them wholeheartedly. I would mostly like to thank the postgraduate students at the Ionian University, Department of Archives and Library Science, and especially graduate and mathematician Mr Stefanos Asonitis, with whom I have worked closely over the past few years and written publications on the subject. I would also like to acknowledge the significant help of Ms Marilleia Tilli for achieving a smooth and creative transition of some coursework material and texts from Greek to English, with kindness and talent. As regards the endorsement of this publication, final proofreading and copy-editing, I would like to thank Chandos Publishing for their excellent cooperation.

A special reference should be made to Professor Anne Woodsworth, who has encouraged me in many ways during the creation of the book, contributing with useful comments and creative remarks, and honoring me with a foreword to this edition. Professor Woodsworth is currently Editor at Advances in Librarianship, former Provost and Dean at the Pratt Institute, Dean of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University, Associate Provost and Director of Libraries at the University of Pittsburgh and the York University in Toronto, Canada, specializing in higher education and libraries with emphasis on strategic planning, library management, professional development, outcomes-based evaluation/assessment, project management, and assessing the needs for facility planning.