Acknowledgements – Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media


The compiling and completion of this collection required the able assistance of several people to whom heartfelt thanks must be given. It was particularly warming for me to have many people of high standing respond positively to my call for assistance in relation to the preparation of this book.

Firstly, there are the authors of chapters herein, each of whom proved themselves to be particularly helpful in writing about their area of expertise, as well as collaborating in a professional manner. These contributors made the job of an editor an easy one.

Secondly, the people at Chandos Publishing were supportive, courteous and considerate throughout the term of the project that gave rise to this book. As such, special thanks must go to Glyn Jones, Jonathan Davis, George Knott and Vicki Hart.

Thirdly, those who are a fundamental part of the production process must be thanked, particularly Juliet Gardner for her sterling effort as copy-editor.