Acknowledgements – Software Architecture: A Case Based Approach


Writing a book based on several complex real-world case studies was certainly not an easy task for me. This exciting journey started in 2005, and there are several people who helped me along the way.

Rajul Asthana, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Satyam Learning Centre, deserves all the credit for making this book a reality. He played the role of a mentor, cheer leader, critique and a friend. I believe that without his persistence and encouragement this book would not have fructified. I also appreciate his patience, as the final version of this book took much longer than expected.

The Satyam Learning World (SLW) team was very helpful during the first phase of this project. Aravind Venkat supported this activity and helped me in developing a framework for the chapters. He also edited earlier versions of the case studies and their solutions before publishing them in the Satyam Technology Review (STR). I thank Kavitha Thonangi for her help, enthusiasm and efficiency in execution; Aneetha Kanukolanu for meticulously reviewing initial drafts of the chapters and providing useful feedback with regard to language and presentation; Pragnya Seth for her help with the earlier versions of the case studies and all the learning officers at Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore for their support in the conduct of the workshops.

I thank Nagaraju Pappu, one the best architects I have known and a dear friend, for his interesting inputs on various topics relating to software architecture. Some ideas presented in the first and last chapters owe their origin to his mentorship. A major part of the sub-section “Criticality of Serviceability” in the last chapter is his contribution.

I am obliged to Bhudeb Chakravarti, a partner in this venture, for working with me closely and co-creating several case studies. Kirti Garg, my Ph.D. student, deserves special mention. I thank her for shouldering much responsibility, being ready to take up new challenges and always give her best. STP Vamsi played a good supporting role in the initial stages of this project, and Amit Sangroya helped in the final proof reading and creating the index. Venkata Bangaru inspired and provided all the required support.

Working with various project leaders, architects and software engineers has been a very enriching experience for me and my team. I have included all those who made significant contributions as co-authors of the respective chapters. I am indebted to Jayanti Vemulapati, Bidhu Mahapatra, Ram Gopal, Murali Mohan Nandipati, Prashanti Reddy, Shubhangi Bhagawat, Dilip Bhonde and Srikanth for sparing their time and effort in helping us to understand the complexity of their projects, providing required details and reviewing earlier versions of the case studies. I thank Madhav Negi, Jeet Chawre, Prakash Rao, Keshav Tripathi and Rajiv Ranjan for their help during the initial stages of this project. All the participants in the workshops helped us improve the material. Many solutions given by the participants were innovative and a few of them were actually better than the original solutions. I thank Satish Chandra, Prasad Kadari, Rajasekar Nanduri, Mahesh Khule, Narasimha Rao, Anand Kiran, Balaji Raghupati, Pankaj Gurumukhi, Krishna Koneru and Srinivas for submitting their solutions.

I thank Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Director of International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, for his encouragement and giving me the needed flexibility to complete this work. I also thank my other colleagues at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, for their support.

I am grateful to Dr Len Bass of Software Engineering Institute (SEI), CMU, for writing the foreword for this book. I acknowledge all the help I received from the editorial team at Pearson Education. I specially thank Rajesh Shetty and M. R. Ramesh for providing me the necessary support.

Finally, I thank my wife, Sunanda, and my children, Mira and Rumi, for providing solid support while I was working on this book.

Vasudeva Varma