Acknowledgements – Surviving the Techstorm


A book is definitely not a solo project and, although I am fully and solely responsible for everything in it, I have lots of people to thank for their help, insights, comments, and guidance.

First, thanks to Magnus Lindkvist for introducing me to LID Publishing, and thanks to Martin Liu, Sara Taheri, Caroline Li, Niki Mullin, Amrita Brard, and Tasneem Mahmoud at LID Publishing for taking care of me during this whole project. I really look forward to continuing working with you guys.

Thanks to Anders Bergkvist, Hugh Courtney, Niklas Hagberg, Pia Irell, Jakob Lindberg, and David Stiernholm for bouncing ideas and being patient early in the process when I tried to visualize my ideas. Also thanks to Yury Boshyk, Scott Bourke, Brian David Johnson, Anne-Lise Kjaer, Ramez Naam, Andreas Uhr, and Amy Zalman for your input and giving me a different perspective on the future.

Thanks to Lars-Johan Jarnheimer at IKEA, Martin Lorentzon and Angela Woods at Spotify, Thomas Mattsson at Expressen, and Stephen Wolfram at Wolfram Research for the interviews and help with case material.

Thanks to Dag Wetterberg and Pauline Riccius for helping me understand the publishing industry.

Also, thanks to Valdemar, Inez, and Beata for accepting that your dad has been physically and mentally unavailable for long periods of time. Finally, thanks to my wife Anna for her strong support and for being a great discussion partner in all parts of the book project – you are the best!