Acknowledgements – The Metadata Manual


We would like to thank a number of individuals and organizations without which this book would not have been possible. Metadata standardization and creation is a community effort and is always better for collaboration.

We would like to thank the Library of Congress, Getty Vocabulary Program, the Society of American Archivists, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and the Visual Resources Association for their permission to use portions of their publications to help make our introduction to metadata languages clearer and hopefully more useful to the reader.

Special thanks to Diane Hillman, Steven Miller, and Jan Eklund for their support, advice, and insight into the realm of metadata. Murtha Baca’s contribution to VRA Core and CCO, and to the understanding of these standards, was also illuminating.

We are especially grateful to the New Mexico State University Library Archives & Special Collections Department for providing us with a rich supply of example images to use in our text.

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the support of our institutions, the University of New Mexico Libraries and New Mexico State University Library, for their support in the completion of this project.

December 2012