ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS – Working the Crowd


I’d like to thank all of the people who gave me feedback during the writing of the book and kept me on track as I started to wander. Kay Ewbank read through the chapters and told me how much I preferred commas to full stops in my sentences. Shorter sentences. Shorter sentences. Kate Burton talked to me about book structure and flow, and Mary Branscombe talked to me about vision. Matthew Flynn was very encouraging and patient throughout the process, answering my daft questions and explaining how the publishing process actually works. He also caught my fondness for the grocer’s apostrophe at an early stage. Ian Murphy spent ages explaining how books are published and how to get over writer’s block when it hits really hard. Betsy Aoki gave me some great tips about making the book more human so that it didn’t read entirely like a textbook. Thanks, Betsy, for believing in me.

And Steve supplied me with food, wine and words of encouragement when I started to flag, and managed the running of my home life whilst I researched and wrote. Thank you all.