Acknowledgments – Deterministic Network Calculus


The idea of writing a document that gathers existing results of network calculus stems from the French-founded project PEGASE (2010–2013). It took several years to write a complete book.

During these years, we were supported by many colleagues and friends, especially at ONERA and LINCS.

We would like to thank Éric Thierry for the fruitful discussion that we constantly had and who co-authored many contributions that we present in this book. We would also like to thank another co-author, Laurent Jouhet, from whom we took the idea of the section “Network calculus in four pages” (section I.3).

One of our objectives in writing this book was to clarify some aspects of network calculus. In particular, we would like to thank Guillaume Dufour, who is the initial author of the proofs of continuity insensitivity of section, as well as Thomas Calbas for his preliminary work on the EDF service policy of section 7.3.4 and Jörg Liebeherr, whose feedback on EDF was very valuable.

Finally, we would like to thank the colleagues who read the preliminary version of this book for their support and valuable comments. Cédric Mauclair reviewed a very preliminary version of this book, and Pierre Roux, Élie de Panafieu and Jean-Yves Le Boudec reviewed some quite final versions of the book.