Acknowledgments – Doing Agile Right



Agile is all about collaborative teamwork, and this book has reinforced just how valuable, inspiring, and fun genuine teamwork can be.

We are grateful for the generous support of so many of our partners and colleagues at Bain & Company. It is impossible to thank every individual who shared his or her time, research, and personal experiences with us. Still, we would be terribly remiss not to mention the contributions of Tareq Barto, Matt Crupi, Imeyen Ebong, Arun Ganti, Josh Hinkel, Darren Johnson, Phil Kleweno, Michael Mankins, Prasad Sulur Narasimhan, Andy Noble, Eduardo Roma, Dan Schwartz, Herman Spruit, Jess Tan, Chuck Whitten, and Chris Zook. We wish to thank all of our practice area and research specialists—especially Annie Howard, Ludovica Mottura, and Kristin Ronan Thorpe—who contributed knowledge and rigorous analysis to support and challenge our work. We are grateful to our internal editorial board: James Allen, Mike Baxter, Eric Garton, Patrick Litre, Will Poindexter, and Erika Serow. These people found time in their already impossible schedules to read early drafts and make them better. We also appreciate the work of Bain’s design team, led by Dawn Pomeroy Briggs. And we are extraordinarily thankful to Bain’s editorial team—especially John Case, Paul Judge, and Maggie Locher—who spent so much time helping us add clarity and accuracy in our thinking and writing.

We are thankful to Jeff Kehoe and Melinda Merino, our editors at Harvard Business Review Press, for their encouragement to write this book, help in collecting peer feedback from agile experts, and invaluable guidance in refining the manuscript. We also appreciate the assistance of the Press’s design expert, Stephani Finks.

We are deeply indebted to the hundreds of agile practitioners who generously, openly, and honestly contributed their experiences to the context and case examples for this book. We regret that client confidentialities and space constraints prevent us from naming each and every one of them. The agile community is a special group of passionate people. They truly exemplify the ideals of the agile manifesto—uncovering better ways of working in agile fashion by doing it and helping others do it. We thank those who participate in Bain’s Agile Enterprise Exchange, a group of more than forty senior executives from a wide range of industries, geographies, and business functions who have agreed to meet regularly, network continuously with each other, and openly share insights into their successes and challenges. This exchange is helping agile to become a valuable and sustainable trend. Much of their collective wisdom has shaped this book, and we are grateful to the members who are generously helping each other and others to do agile right.

Finally, we must thank every member of the Berez, Elk, and Rigby families for their patience and support in this process. As we cloistered ourselves to focus on researching and writing late at night and over weekends (sometimes even during holidays), our families never wavered in their encouragement or love for us. No teams matter more than our family teams.