Acknowledgments – EJB 3 in Action


Authoring a book requires great effort and it is difficult to list everyone who helped us during this project. First and foremost we would like to thank everyone at Manning, especially publisher Marjan Bace and development editor Jackie Carter, for their encouragement and support during the past year. We would also like to thank others at Manning who worked on different stages of the project: editors Lianna Wlasiuk and Betsey Henkels, review editor Karen Tegtmayer, and project editor Mary Piergies. Our sincere thanks also to King Wang of Oracle who performed the technical review of the book before it went to press, to Liz Welch who copyedited our prose, and to typesetter Denis Dalinnik who converted our Word documents into a real book!

Many reviewers spent their valuable time reading the manuscript at various stages of development and their feedback greatly improved the quality of the book. They are Glenn Stokol, Deiveehan Nallazhagappan, Peter George, Berndt Hamboeck, Pat Dennis, Vincent Yin, Thomas Scheuchzer, Chuk Munn, TVS Murthy, Norman Richards, Eric Raymond, Rob Abbe, Bas Vodde, Awais Bajwa, Kunal Mittal, Riccardo Audano, Dan Dobrin, King Wang, Alan Mackenzie, Deren Ebdon, Andrus Adamchik, Matt Payne, Vinny Carpenter, Alex Pantaleev, and Chris Richardson. Finally we would like to thank Micah Silverman who initiated this project but could not stay involved due to lack of time.

Debu Panda

I would like to thank my wife, Renuka, for her immense support and continuous encouragement and for her patience with all the late-night, early-morning, and weekend hours I spent on the book in the past 16 months. I would also like to thank my kids, Nistha and Nisheet, who had to share their bapa with the computer.

I would like to thank my in-laws, Hari Shankar Mishra and Premsila Mishra, who took care of the children, helping me to focus on the book. Thanks also to my parents, Ganga Narayan and Ratnamani Panda, for developing my interest in writing.

Many thanks to Mike Lehmann, Director of Product Management and Steve G. Harris, Vice President of Oracle Application Server Development for allowing me to fit this book into my busy schedule, and for their constant encouragement. Thanks to Robert Campbell, Jason Haley, and the entire EJB Container and TopLink development team at Oracle for quickly addressing product issues that helped me to build code samples before the EJB 3 specification was finalized. I would also like to thank King Wang for agreeing to be the technical editor of the book and for his help in fixing the errors in our code examples.

My special thanks to my previous manger Rob Clark who encouraged me to venture into the world of blogging and evangelizing that helped me gain recognition in the Java community.

Finally, I would like to thank my coauthors Reza Rahman and Derek Lane for their hard work and dedication in transforming my drafts into a great book.

Reza Rahman

I am grateful to my family, friends, and colleagues for supporting me throughout the arduous task of writing this book. I am thankful to my mentors Jason Hughes at Fry Communications, Narayan Natarajan at Accenture, and Rob Collier at Accenture for their guidance and encouragement. It is your hard work over the past few years that inspired me to take on this project. Words cannot do justice to the spirited help provided by Ray Case on chapters 6 and 7. Thank you my friend, and I hope your family works through the turbulent waters you are navigating right now.

Editor Betsey Henkels deserves special thanks for giving us leeway to experiment in the early stages and to distill our ideas. I am grateful to Debu Panda for his leadership, humility, and foresight. Thanks to Derek Lane for his sincere and much needed efforts. Last but not least, I am grateful to Marjan Bace, Jackie Carter, and the entire team at Manning for seeing the value in this book, for all the back-breaking work on their part, for demanding nothing short of the best from us, and for being patient through the tough moments.

Derek Lane

I would like to thank the Manning team and Jackie Carter for asking me to be a part of this project. Thanks also to Debu Panda and Reza Rahman for the tremendous amount of work they put into the book.

I am amazed and grateful for the work done by the reviewers of our book, whose names are listed above. Many of them read the manuscript several times at different stages of development and offered detailed suggestions and guidance. A special word of thanks goes to Craig Walls, who took precious time away from working on the second edition of Spring in Action, to provide a much needed sounding board for some of the more advanced sections of this book. Reviewers rarely get the full credit they deserve, yet they represent the interests of you, our readers, during the writing process. Having been a reviewer on numerous works myself, I fully appreciate their remarkable efforts.