Acknowledgments – Fashion & Sustainability

Authors’ acknowledgments

It is hardly necessary to add that fashion and sustainability ideas did not begin in these pages, and nor will they end here. We would therefore like to acknowledge the hundreds of practitioners, theorists, colleagues, students and activists to whom we are enormously grateful. In making this book we are thankful in particular to Paul Hawken for his continued inspiration and thoughtful contribution, Katelyn Toth-Fejel for keeping us organized, Lucy Jane Batchelor and Shidume Lozada for bringing these pages to life visually and the team at Laurence King for their general support and logistical guidance. We would like to thank all of the designers, brands and organizations featured here who supplied us with images, and without whom this book would not exist. Thanks also to Marcus for proofreading and for lopping and pruning the manuscript with such resolve. And finally thank you to our families and friends, for allowing us the time we needed to bring this book to completion.