Acknowledgments – Get on Board


With the deepest gratitude, I wish to thank all people who inspired, supported, or illuminated me through their presence, words, or assistance in my board advocacy, teaching, and writing adventures. This has been a fun, enlightening, impactful, educational, and rewarding journey. And I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Nancy Sheppard, who contributed to this book, her wise words, and sound advice have made a difference in the lives of many professionals, including mine. Thank you for all your support and encouragements!

Vitaliy, my dad, who has taught me that I am limited by my imagination only. He believed in me long before I learned to believe in myself. Thank you for teaching me never to settle. I miss you every day!

Irina, my mom, who is always there for me, selflessly and without any reservations. Full of love, loyalty, and passion, she is the strongest woman I know. Thank you for your daily unconditional love!

Kevin, my husband, whose consistent affection and support make me feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. You are my best friend and the love of my life. Thank you for the adventure!

And, finally, to my daughters, Katie and Natalie. To Katie, whose views are enlightened beyond her years, and to Natalie, whose persistence, will, and determination are second to none. My daughters are precious. And their presence inspires me to aim higher every day. Thank you for the opportunity to guide you!

Olga V. Mack
April 30, 2019
Dublin, California