Acknowledgments – How to Create Your Final Collection


I would like to thank everybody at Laurence King Publishing for making this book possible, in particular Helen Rochester for commissioning the project, Anne Townley for her guidance, Sophie Wise for her finishing touch, and Kim Sinclair for the book’s production. My thanks also go to the designer Melanie Mues.

I underestimated the task I undertook with this project. The moral support of my personal readers Charlotte Hetzel-Green, Stephanie Bull, and Gayle Atkins has kept me going and their help in refining text and content has been greatly appreciated.

The student work in this book contributes to its impact. I would like to thank each of the extremely gifted student designers featured for entrusting me with their work—I hope to have done it justice. I wish every success for the future to: Alexandre Fléveau, Andrea Tramontan, Bernice Chua, Camille Bellot, Cathy Amouroux, Claire Tremlett, Cristina Sabaiduc, Dez Bara (Désiré Bara-Assi), Guillaume Dollinger, Irene Corazza, Janosch Mallwitz, Juliette Alleaume, Kai Ryosuke, Katya Babenko, Leony Aneston, Louise Tredwin, Lucy Zhang Shuai, Mariel Manuel, Marilou Dadat, Matthieu Thouvenot, Sean Cabezas, Sintija Reinfelde, Sophie Willett, Tatyana Kobikova, Tina Aileen, Tsolo Munkh (Tsolmandakh Munkhuu), Valentine Cloix, Verena Zeller, and Verity Pemberton. I would also like to thank all the tutors who have overseen this project. Their time, patience, and contributions have been invaluable. Their passion and attentive care as fashion educators is very tangible and I hope it is reflected here. Thank you Bernadine Murray, Cyrille Chardon, David Meyer, Dominique Savard, Francoise Payot, Gabriele Monti, Gayle Atkins, Howard Tangye, Jean-Paul Longavesne, Lei Shen, Lionel Roudaut, Louise Pickles, Maria Luisa Frisa, Marina Timofeeva, Martin Blum, Michele Wesen-Bryant, Nellie Nooren, Patrick Ryan, Patrick Teypaz, Priska Morger, Robert Ott, Sharon Rees, Sharon Williams, Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen, and Walter Van Beirendonck.