Acknowledgments – In Search for the Soul of International Business


My Thoughts Go To…

Researchers Dina El-Saharty, Lisa Burgoa and Yang Feng. My gratitude to my Georgetown colleagues, Professor Ronkainen, Professor Cooke, and Professor Skuba, and all my collaborators. I will always be grateful to the late Professor Bernard LaLonde for setting me on the right track. I thank Gary Knight of Willamette and Valbona Zeneli of the Marshall Center in Garmisch. Their insights and debates keep international business alive. Thanks for the economic kindness of the editors and publications who gave me permission to reprint my articles. Heartfelt thanks to David Clark, the award-winning artist, who has provided the visual stimuli for this book. Most of all, I am grateful to my wife Ilona Czinkota who is a major arbiter for the quality of my writings. Early or late in the day, she is willing to provide suggestions. My daughter Margaret comments as well with much enthusiasm and interest. Both mother and daughter are great sounding boards and come up with excellent questions and solutions. Thanks to all of you, Hoya Saxa!