Acknowledgments – ISO19770-1:2012 SAM Process Guidance: A kick-start to your SAM programme


The roll-call for my gratitude in getting me to a point where I could write this book could easily fill a chapter.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the staff at the University of Plymouth (School of Computing and Plymouth Business School).

Secondly, my thanks go to Vice-Admiral Robert Cooling, whose patience when dealing with a certain member of the lower-deck could have inspired a rewrite of the BR 1990.

My grateful thanks also go to the reviewers of the manuscript for this book, for their helpful comments: Chris Evans, ITSM Specialist, Antonio Velasco, CEO, Sinersys Technologies and Tim Dobson, Global Hardware Client Manager.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr Ivan Way, my history teacher from John Port School, Etwall. His justified outburst at excessive cheek and back-answers during one of his classes made me realise why I was attending school:

‘I hate people who revel in their own ignorance’.

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