Acknowledgments – Open Source SOA


People who work together will win.

—Vince Lombardi

I'm tremendously grateful to the Manning Publications team for the hard work they contributed to bring this book to fruition—it was truly a team effort! Cynthia Kane was instrumental in holding my hand (okay, prodding me) along the way with marvelous suggestions for improvement; the copyediting and proofreading work of Liz Welch and Katie Tennant transformed the readability of the work; and the review coordination efforts by Karen Tegtmeyer resulted in further improvements. Lastly, Marjan Bace's insights provided me with encouragement throughout the process. To others I didn't mention, your contributions were also greatly appreciated!

Special thanks are extended to the reviewers. They took time in their very busy schedules, usually under tight timelines, to review what was often rough copy. Their suggestions and ideas, while not always welcome by me at the time, helped make the book tighter in messaging and improved its content. The reviewers are Peter Johnson, Irena Kennedy, Francesco Goggi, Doug Warren, Davide Piazza, Ara Abrahamian, Alberto Lagna, Rick Wagner, Jonathan Esterhazy, Chuck Lee, Madhav Vodnala, Edmon Begoli, Valentin Crettaz, Andy Dingley, Glenn Stokol, Deiveehan Nallazhagappan, Christian Siegers, Michele Galli, Patrick Steger, Ramnath Devulapalli, and Marco Ughetti.

I would also like to highlight the efforts by Paul King, who was the technical reviewer. His thorough work at validating the source code and suggestions for improvement were outstanding and testimony to his breadth of experience.

Lastly, none of this would have been possible without the patience, understanding and support of my family. When I first mentioned to them that I was contemplating writing a book, they were a bit dubious of my plans. However, as weeks turned into months, and months into a year, they endured lost weekends, evenings, and vacations. None of this would have been possible without their encouragement; my guilt would have gotten the better of me.

To my friends and colleagues, my apologies if I was sometimes curt when you inquired about when the book would be done—this was a bit of a sore spot with me. All kidding aside, I appreciated your enthusiasm for the book. Stefano Malnati, my boss, was a constant source of inspiration, and his leadership and integrity provided a solid foundation for my efforts.