Acknowledgments – Practical Pair Programming


I’d like to thank Mat Schaffer for turning me on to pair programming and for devising our original tête-à-tête desk setup. Thanks to Dan Shipper for the idea to collect our learnings into a book and to Jon Long for spotting the manuscript’s potential and connecting me to the perfect publisher.

The torchbearers of pair programming who were defining and refining the practice long before me, deserve special thanks: Laurie Williams, Ward Cunningham, Kent Beck, Alastair Cockburn, Martin Fowler, Ron Jeffries, Bil Kleb, Bill Wood, Robert Kessler, and Joe Moore—to name a few. I’m grateful that they not only had the vision to practice pairing but also took the time to refine it with their peers and write down what they learned. I owe much of my career happiness to them.

To my editors, Lisa Maria Marquis, Sally Kerrigan, and Danielle Small: thank you for cutting many a silly joke and pointless peregrination to find the few good words that made me sound passably smart. Every first-time author should have such an amazing team. ABA CEO Katel LeDû, thank you for believing I had something important to say and knowing how to turn it into a viable book.

Finally, to my wife Karena: thank you for putting up with this project for the last year. I know how astonishing it must be that I started something without appreciating how much work it would take or the tradeoffs I’d need to make. Your steadfast encouragement and insistence that I close the computer and look at a tree every once in a while, brought me through.