Acknowledgments – Retrospectives Antipatterns


Foremost, I would like to thank my husband, Erik Corry, for believing in me and letting me spend months without income just to focus on the writing. On top of this, he also patiently (mostly) debugged my entire manuscript more than once. Any errors that remain are, of course, caused by stray cosmic rays hitting my computer. I am grateful to my three wonderful and interesting children, Maja, Sophus, and Vera, for doing their chores so that I had more time to write.

I also want to thank Mai Skou Wihlborg for putting me in a “writer’s prison” in her summer house and feeding me so that I could concentrate on writing. She is also the photographer behind the picture on the back cover.

Thank you to Kari Rye Schougaard, Simon Hem Pedersen, Henrik Madsen, and Jakob Roesgaard Færch, who, in the very early days of the book, listened to my ideas and suggested improvements.

I also want to thank the cozy coffee shop Hos Sofies Forældre in Aarhus, Denmark, where I have written most of my chapters while sipping decaf cappuccino or getting a guilty pleasure from eating their wonderful burger with fries and chili mayo.

At Pearson, my editors Greg Doench and Menka Mehta helped navigate many issues in getting this book to publication. And thank you to Martin Fowler for making such a great introduction of me to Pearson.

I want to thank the people who took time to review my book and provide me with feedback, which improved the book immensely: Gary Harvey, Gregor Hohpe, Henrik Bærbak Christensen, Jimmy Nilsson, Joseph Pelrine, Jutta Eckstein, Karl Krukow, Linda Rising, and Toby Corballis. At RFG 2019 Therese Hansen encouraged me to share my unfinished book with the other participants, and their positive reaction made me share the first edition on Leanpub.

This book is masterly illustrated by Nikola Korać, who listened to all my ideas and made something much better than what I imagined in my head.

Finally, a big thank-you to all the people who dislike retrospectives, try to avoid them, and even sometimes destroy them. Without you, this book would not have existed.