Acknowledgments – Strategic Thinking and Writing


This book is dedicated to three men who were instrumental in teaching me the art of writing. While an undergraduate at Cabrini College, Dr. James Hedtke and Dr. Jolyon P. Girard in the history and political science department provided ample opportunities for me to learn to write. Through countless one-on-one conversations, classroom discussions, and small group meetings, they demonstrated the highest level of their craft and remained forever patient as this first-generation college student struggled through the learning process. Their dedication to my education formed the foundation of my graduate experience where I encountered yet another remarkable teacher Dr. Lowell Gustafson from Villanova. He challenged me to reach new heights in my thinking and writing. As the outside member of my dissertation committee Dr. Gustafson demonstrated time and again his commitment to my development. To all three men, I thank you and dedicate this book to you. Without your guidance, encouragement, and support, my path through the bachelors, masters, and doctorate would have been nearly impossible.

This is the fourth book that Business Experts Press has published for me, so I am indebted to the entire staff for their constant support and guidance over the years. A special note of thanks to Rob Zwettler, Executive Acquisitions Editor, Charlene Kronstedt, Director of Production, Sheri Dean, Director of Marketing, Debbie D. DuFrene, Editor, Corporate Communication Collection and Melissa Yeager, Editorial and Marketing Assistant. It continues to be an honor to work alongside a team dedicated to providing high-quality manuscripts for executives and business students that need reliable, concise information and guidance from experts. To my colleagues at New Jersey City University, thank you for your support and encouragement during the writing process.

A debt of gratitude also goes out to my family for putting up with me being in front of the computer at nights and on weekends. To my wife Lori, our daughter Amanda and her wife Kiersten, and our son Jonathan, I offer my sincere thanks for supporting me through the publication of another book. Your constant encouragement helps me through the research, writing, and editing involved with each publication. Thank you.