Acknowledgments – The Decency Code: The Leader's Path to Building Integrity and Trust


We know what you’re thinking, “Here comes a typical long list of barely recognizable names of the authors’ relatives, friends, and networks who have had varying degrees of involvement in their book,” but not this time! For sure, our immediate families, close friends, our advisor John Kador, and our clients and colleagues all have had meaningful influence and have made important contributions to this book. Lee Hecht Harrison CEO, Ranjit de Sousa, and Peter Alcide before him have modeled the type of leadership behavior that is advocated within these pages. We are genuinely grateful for this.

Despite being a “business book,” the themes are relevant as well in everyday life at all levels, and in every societal circumstance. Decency, civility, respect, and trustworthiness are valued attributes, especially now with the advent of social media and the endless variety of message accelerants. Added to this mix are your coauthors whose career experiences are about conflict resolution, employee engagement, culture enrichment, and alignment with those committed to safe, nourishing, and rewarding workplaces. We are fortunate to have observed the byproduct of enlightened, ethical, and trustworthy leadership on display within the hundreds of great places to work in America and beyond.