Acknowledgments – The Quick Python Book


I want to thank David Fugate of LaunchBooks for getting me into this book in the first place and for all of the support and advice he has provided over the years. I can’t imagine having a better agent and friend. I also need to thank Michael Stephens of Manning for pushing the idea of doing a second edition of this book and supporting me in my efforts to make it as good as the first. Also at Manning, many thanks to every person who worked on this project, with special thanks to Marjan Bace for his support, Tara Walsh for guidance in the development phases, Mary Piergies for getting the book (and me) through the production process, Linda Recktenwald for her patience in copy editing, and Tiffany Taylor for proofreading. I also owe a huge debt to Will Kahn-Greene for all of the astute advice he gave both as a technical reviewer and in doing the technical proofing. Thanks, Will, you saved me from myself more times than I can count. Likewise, hearty thanks to the many reviewers whose insights and feedback were of immense help: Nick Lo, Michele Galli, Andy Dingley, Mohamed Lamkadem, Robby O’Connor, Amos Bannister, Joshua Miller, Christian Marquardt, Andrew Rhine, Anthony Briggs, Carlton Gibson, Craig Smith, Daniel McKinnon, David McWhirter, Edmon Begoli, Elliot Winard, Horaci Macias, Massimo Perga, Munch Paulson, Nathan R. Yergler, Rick Wagner, Sumit Pal, and Tyson S. Maxwell.

Because this is a second edition, I have to thank the authors of the first edition, Daryl Harms and Kenneth MacDonald, for two things: first, for writing a book so sound that it has remained in print well beyond the average lifespan of most tech books, and second, for being otherwise occupied, thereby giving me a chance to update it. I hope this version carries on the successful and long-lived tradition of the first.

Thanks to my canine associates, Molly, Riker, and Aeryn, who got fewer walks, training sessions, and games of ball than they should have but still curled up beside my chair and kept me company and helped me keep my sense of perspective as I worked. You’ll get those walks now, guys, I promise.

Most important, thanks to my wife, Becky, who both encouraged me to take on this project and had to put up with the most in the course of its completion—particularly an often-grumpy and preoccupied spouse. I really couldn’t have done it without you.