Appendix A. Installing ECIO Drivers – PIC Projects for Non-Programmers

Appendix A. Installing ECIO Drivers
If you’re here I have to assume your Windows operating system did not find the driver for the ECIO hardware. You may be in Chapter 2 trying to program your ECIO28 or ECIO40 for the first time; here's what to do.
1. Visit the Matrix Multimedia website on the Internet.
2. Find the software downloads page (see Figure A.1).
Figure A.1
3. Go to the “ECIO Programming Tool and USB Drivers” section on the page (see Figure A.1).
4. Download the USB ECIO drivers to your computer’s hard drive (see Figure A.2).
Figure A.2
5. There are three USB ECIO install driver programs. Ignore the install driver programs with the (amd64) and (ia64) suffixes (see Figure A.2). Run the ECIO install driver program (see Figure A.3).
Figure A.3
6. Follow the screen directions; agree to the EULA software agreement (see Figure A.4).
Figure A.4
7. If a Windows security screen pops up, allow the installation to continue (see Figure A.5).
Figure A.5
8. The drivers are installing (see Figure A.6).
Figure A.6
9. The finish screen (Figure A.7) shows that the drivers are installed. Go back to Chapter 2 and continue programming your ECIO module.
Figure A.7