Appendix B: IUPUI University Library Diversity Council Charter – Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries

Appendix B

IUPUI University Library Diversity Council Charter

Prepared by the IUPUI University Library Diversity Council

Based on Yale University Library’s Diversity Strategic Plan 2006–2008

IUPUI University Library Diversity Strategic Plan 2010–2011

Purpose and Vision

Indiana University and IUPUI have long held commitments to diversity. The Indiana University Board of Trustees statement of the University’s Objectives and Ideals states, in part, that ‘Indiana University is committed to the principle of equal educational and occupational opportunities for all persons and to positive action toward elimination of discrimination in all phases of University life, as set forth in the Indiana University Affirmative Action Plan.’ (June 29, 1974, Indiana University Academic Handbook, 1992, p. 2, Appendix F.) In 2006, IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz renewed this commitment and reinvigorated IUPUI’s actions towards the end of making the IUPUI population more representative of our globally diverse community and making IUPUI’s climate welcoming for all students, employees, and visitors. In the Fall of 2007 Chancellor Bantz called for the formation of departmental Diversity Councils whose responsibility it is to create departmental level diversity strategies, initiatives, and goals that aid in reaching the campus-wide IUPUI Diversity Vision, Mission, Values & Goals ( This document represents IUPUI University Library’s Diversity Council’s work in support of IUPUI’s Diversity Vision, Mission, Values & Goals.

The Diversity Council’s (hereinafter referred to as The Council) overarching goals are to enhance the diversity and cultural competence of our staff so that our workplace continues to evolve into an even more inclusive and congenial environment. This type of atmosphere is conducive to job satisfaction and will in turn lead to even more effective service to our diverse patrons. Additionally we support the increase of the library’s efforts towards being a more inviting place for all our users including university students, faculty, staff, and community members.

The Council recognizes various attributes relating to diversity including, but not limited to, ability, age, cultural heritage, ethnic background, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Embracing diversity is a key component of excellence in the workplace that allows individuals to reach their full potential. The Council strives to provide a positive work and learning environment which is free of any form of bigotry, harassment, intimidation, threat, or abuse, whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied. The Council views multiculturalism and pluralism as essential components of its mission and work.

Charter and Structure


The Council was formed to enhance the diversity and cultural competence of our employees as well as to create an atmosphere that is supportive of diverse populations and scholarly activity reflecting diverse populations. Ultimately this leads to a work environment more conducive to job satisfaction and a collection of facilities, research resources, and research assistance that more effectively serves our diverse patrons.

Overall Goals

 Recommend strategic actions, initiatives, and goals to be taken by University Library to reach IUPUI’s Diversity Vision, Mission, Values & Goals.

 Evaluate the outcomes of each strategic action, initiative, or goal on an annual basis.

 Recommend revisions to strategic actions, initiatives, and goals based on annual evaluation.

Regular Duty

 Solicit applications for the following year’s Diversity Undergraduate Scholars Program and select the following year’s Scholar(s).


The sponsor of The Council is the Dean of IUPUI University Library.


The Council is comprised of 5–10 members consisting of:

 2–3 University Library Faculty Organization (ULFO) members (not including ex officio members of the Diversity Council)

 2–3 University Library Staff Group (ULSG) members

 The Dean of IUPUI University Library is an ex officio member to whom term limits do not apply

 The past chair is an ex officio member for 1 year following chairship.

Members are elected for a term of 2 years, serving no more than 2 consecutive terms. Preferably, 1/3 to 1/2 of the committee members will be a carry-over from the previous committee. It is suggested but not required that at least 1, but no more than 3, IUPUI University Library student employee(s) be sought for service on the Diversity Council.


2/3 of The Council members constitutes a quorum.


The Council elects a Chair and Secretary.

Duties of the Chair

 Primarily to call and chair the meetings

 Ensure that all members of The Council have the opportunity to be heard on all issues

 Run the affairs of The Council

 When necessary, poll the members for opinions

 Appoint student employees to The Council

 Ensure that The Council members are elected via ULFO and ULSG in a timely manner

 Update the IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity document as needed

 Ensure that the Council has solicited applications for the following year’s Diversity Undergraduate Scholars Program and that the following year’s Scholar(s) have been selected.

Duties of the Secretary

 Record, distribute to The Council (and others as needed), and maintain archive of the Council’s meeting minutes

 Maintain a list of current and past members of The Council

 Request updates to the e-mail Exchange group IN-ULIB-DIVERSITY as needed

 Maintain The Council’s web presence.



The Council’s members from ULFO and ULSG are elected by each respective organization, according to that organization’s guidelines for electing representatives to other bodies.

Student committee members may be proposed by any University Library employee but are appointed by the Chair of The Council.

Membership terms run from date of election in June–May 31.


Officer terms last 1 year. Officers each serve no more than 2 consecutive 1-year terms in the same office. The Chair must be a ULFO or ULSG member. Officers are nominated by any member of The Council during the first Council meeting in June, which is called to order by the Past Chair. A quorum of Council members is required for electing officers. Officers are elected by secret ballot by The Council.

Officer terms run from date of election in June–May 31.

In the event that the Chair relinquishes his/her position prior to the expiration of his/her term the Dean of University Library, considering input and suggestions from The Council, may appoint a replacement to complete the relinquished Chair’s term.

Frequency of meetings

The Council shall meet at least 4 times a year.

Meeting Norms and Ground Rules

 Arrive on time

 Begin promptly

 End promptly

 Meet your deadlines

 Be accountable

 Stay goal oriented – time is a scarce resource

 Be fully present and participatory

 Be open and honest

 Respect each other’s views

 Every idea is important

 Minority opinions are important

 Disagreement is acceptable

 Try to resolve individual disagreements with individual member first; then go to Chair if needed

 Maintain confidentiality of sensitive topics

 Absolutely no disrespectful behavior.


Modifications to this Charter and Structure may be proposed by any University Library employee. A quorum of The Council is required for voting on modifications to the Charter and Structure.

Proposed modifications may be discussed prior to a meeting of The Council and must be discussed at a meeting of The Council prior to voting. Decisions regarding modifications are reached via a secret ballot vote by The Council. A proposal is passed if 2/3 majority vote is reached.

Updated June 4, 2010