Appendix B: The Relationship-Specific Social Decentering (RSSD) Scale – Social Decentering

Appendix B: The Relationship-Specific Social Decentering (RSSD) Scale

In administering this measure, the researcher needs to specify in the instructions who the target person is such as spouse, boyfriend, best friend, or mother. The term “partner” can be replaced by the target person you are interested in studying. Respondents should be asked to think about this one person and the relationship they have with that person as they respond to each of the items.

Instructions: Answer each of the following items in terms of your and the relationship you have with this person at this time.

Write the number that reflects how much each statement applies to you in the space provided in front of each item using the following scale:

__1.I feel the pain my partner feels when he or she is in trouble.

__2.I try to anticipate and “second guess” what my partner will say in reaction to alternate ways I might phrase a problem I want to discuss with him or her.

__3.I am likely to carefully consider what I know about my partner when planning on how to best approach my partner for something he or she might be reluctant to give or lend to me.

__4.I would feel some of the same feelings as my partner if both his/her parents were killed in an automobile accident; my partner would probably have some feelings I would not feel, as well.

__5.I usually get as excited as my partner when I find out something exciting has happened to him/her.

__6.I have tried to understand how my partner thinks by considering his or her background, personality, maturity, etc.

__7.I know my partner so well, that I even know how he/ she thinks most of the time.

__8.My emotional state sometimes seems determined by my partner’s emotional state; when he or she is down, I become down; when he or she is up, I become up.

__9.My partner and I would probably experience some of the same feelings in reaction to the news that he/she suddenly had come into a large sum of money though my feelings would be different in a few ways.

__10.My partner and I would probably have the same emotional reaction to his or her being mistakenly arrested.

__11.I pay attention to the things I learn about my partner, so that I can better understand how he or she thinks.

__12.I sometimes think about how my partner will think about a controversial subject even before we start to discuss it.

Scoring: The total or average of the 12 items represents the respondents’ RSSD score.