Appendix E: IUPUI University Library Diversity Scholar Info Sheet – Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries

Appendix E

IUPUI University Library Diversity Scholar Info Sheet

Contact Information

Please be sure to let your supervisor know if you’re unable to report for work or are running more than 10 or 15 minutes late. Robin Crumrin, UL 1112 F, 278–2327,

Work Hours

UL 1115 is a restricted area of the library and is generally open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays and other exceptions). We ask that you confine your work hours to weekdays between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. whenever possible. If it becomes necessary to work outside these hours (e.g. working until 6 p.m. to complete a work-related project), please contact your supervisor(s) to make arrangements for access to UL 1115. For safety reasons, student employees should not be in the library when the building is closed.

Computer Use

Your assigned computer is primarily for work purposes; however, you are welcome to use your work area and computer for academic purposes outside of work hours during the days and hours indicated above.

Pay Periods

Hourly employees are paid bi-weekly, every other Friday. Pay advices are posted to OneStart. Changes of name, address or tax exemptions must be made through the library’s Business Administration Office (UL 1110).


 University employees are guaranteed one unpaid 30 minute lunch period if scheduled to work more than 6 consecutive hours. If you are working for more than 6½ consecutive hours, you are required to take a 30 minute unpaid lunch break.

 University employees are guaranteed one paid 15 minute break for every 4 consecutive hours worked.

 Paid breaks last 15 minutes and you are required to use the Take a Break from Work function on T.I.M.E.

 You must clock out for breaks longer than 15 minutes.

Use of Telephones

Cell phone reception in UL 1115 is generally poor, so you may need to step out into the lobby or outside to take or make personal calls. Student work areas aren’t equipped with phones, so if you need to make work-related calls, you’re welcome to use the phone in the conference room (UL 1115 N), if the room is unoccupied, or let one of your supervisors know and they can make arrangements for you.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are permitted in your work area in UL 1115. You will also receive a key to the Staff Lounge (UL 1102), which is available to all employees in the building for breaks and meals. The Staff Lounge contains vending machines, a refrigerator where you may store your food, a sink, and two microwaves. (The Staff Lounge is cleaned every Thursday and anything left in the refrigerator must be removed or labeled with your name and the date to ensure it’s not thrown away.)

Visiting with Friends

Since UL 1115 is a restricted area, there should be minimal visiting with friends while you are working. Visits with friends should be limited to a few minutes and, should it become necessary to spend extra time, it would be appropriate to take a break. Frequent visits are not encouraged.

Building Closings

The university generally does not close because of adverse weather, and the library generally follows the lead of the university. If weather or other conditions are widespread and severe, such as the recent loss of air conditioning on campus, the Chancellor may cancel classes. The cancellation will be announced by means of local radio and TV stations. Be aware, however, that the cancellation of classes does not necessarily mean the campus buildings and services are closed; that is a separate action taken by the Chancellor and will be indicated in announcements. Updates are posted online at the IUPUI campus homepage at

It’s also a very good idea to update your Emergency Contact Information in OneStart if you haven’t done so already (see for information and instructions).

Supply Requisitions and Equipment Use

If you require office supplies, materials for projects, or access to equipment (e.g. digital camera, lamination machine, etc.), please notify your supervisors. We are trying to track supply and equipment consumption and use to help us better determine budget needs for continuing the Diversity Undergraduate Scholar Program

We’re glad you’re here!