Appendix F Suggestions for Further Reading – Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, 3rd Edition

Appendix F Suggestions for Further Reading

For the history of cryptography, see [Kahn] and [Bauer].

For additional treatment of topics in the present book, and many other topics, see [Stinson], [Stinson1], [Schneier], [Mao], and [Menezes et al.]. These books also have extensive bibliographies.

An approach emphasizing algebraic methods is given in [Koblitz].

For the theoretical foundations of cryptology, see [Goldreich1] and [Goldreich2]. See [Katz-Lindell] for an approach based on security proofs.

Books that are oriented toward protocols and practical network security include [Stallings], [Kaufman et al.], and [Aumasson].

For a guidelines on properly applying cryptographic algorithms, the reader is directed to [Ferguson-Schneier]. For a general discussion on securing computing platforms, see [Pfleeger-Pfleeger].

The Internet, of course, contains a wealth of information about cryptographic issues. The Cryptology ePrint Archive server at contains very recent research. Also, the conference proceedings CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, and ASIACRYPT (published in Springer-Verlag’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science series) contain many interesting reports on recent developments.